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News from the Cherry Valley, Illinois area in Winnebago County including: Cherry Valley Township, the Cherry Valley Library District, the Cherry Valley Fire Protection District, and the Cherry Valley Historical Society. 

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Cherry Valley Township, Illinois

Cherry Valley Township doesn't have its own website. Please contact Paul Gorski at: if you have township news.

Meetings: Cherry Valley Township officials have their official meetings at 6:30 PM the second Wednesday of every month.

Cherry Valley Township
4875 Blackhawk Rd
Rockford, IL 61109
Phone: (815) 874-8100
FAX: (815) 874-2110

Supervisor, Brian Flynn

Phone: (815) 397-1127

Road Commissioner, Ken Mattson
Phone: (815) 874-8100

Assessor, Danielle Giacomazzo

Phone: (815) 874-2119

Clerk, William Wetzbarger
Phone: (815) 874-9097

Donald Carlson, (815) 874-6870
Paul Gorski, (815) 874-2916,
Jan Klaas, (815) 332-5561
Wendy Owano