Cherry Valley News (IL)

Paul Gorski's Cherry Valley News (IL)

News from the Cherry Valley, Illinois area in Winnebago County including: Cherry Valley Township, the Cherry Valley Library District, the Cherry Valley Fire Protection District, and the Cherry Valley Historical Society. 


Cherry Valley Police & Fire Contacts

Call 9-1-1 for fire and police emergencies anywhere in the county.

The Cherry Valley Police Department serves the incorporated portions of Cherry Valley. The Winnebago County Sheriffs Department serves unincorporated Cherry Valley and Cherry Valley Township, in addition to the Village of New Milford. 

The Cherry Valley Fire Protection District serves the Village of Cherry Valley and portions of unincorporated Cherry Valley Township.

Follow the links below for non-emergency calls and for more information about your local police and fire departments.

    Cherry Valley Police (external link)
    Rockford Police Dept (external link)
    Winnebago County Sheriff (external link)
    Rockford Fire Department (external link)