Cherry Valley News (IL)

Paul Gorski's Cherry Valley News (IL)

News from the Cherry Valley, Illinois area in Winnebago County including: Cherry Valley Township, the Cherry Valley Library District, the Cherry Valley Fire Protection District, and the Cherry Valley Historical Society. 


Cherry Valley Public & Private Schools

Most of the residents in the Cherry Valley area in Winnebago County belong to the Rockford Public School District. We also have a wide variety of private elementary schools and high schools available to local residents.

We also have some excellent post-secondary educational schools in the region including Rockford University, Rock Valley College and Rockford Career College – links to some of these schools are listed below.

    Rockford Public Schools (external link)
    Rock Valley College (external link)
    Rockford University (external link)
    Rockford Career College (external link)
    Public and Private Schools (external link)
Updated May 15, 2015